How Tf Do You Write Lowercase Xi


This is the lowercase Greek letter “xi”. It’s used all over the place in maths and physics, and it also looks very cool. However, I am not the best at writing it.

My attempts at writing $\xi$ todayMy attempts at writing $\xi$ today

Because of this, I’ve come up with a few strategies to improve how I write the letter.

Strategy 1 – Just Get Good™

Well this isn’t happening anytime soon. I have the whole summer left to practice though, so maybe it will happen by the time I have to write equations for other people to see.

My friend Steven is really good at writing $\xi$ (and all other Greek letters for that matter), and apparently he used this strategy in high school. For more immediate results though…

Strategy 2 – Draw $\varepsilon$, But Badly

A few minutes into drawing my beautiful image above, I realized that $\xi$ looked quite similar to $\varepsilon$. Because of this, I tried employing this new strategy.

And it works!

… kind of.

Sometimes I miss a loop, and sometimes I draw a loop too many. I also can’t seem to get the spacing between the loops and the curvy tail quite right, so a lot of my letters just look like little spirals.

Overall though, this method seems to work well enough, so I think I’m going to stick with it for now.

Strategy 3 – Give Up and Draw Squiggles

Honestly, this isn’t all that different from what I’m doing right now. Since $\xi$ is so infamously difficult to write though, I definitely wouldn’t be alone in this camp.

Terrible meme, but so is my handwritingTerrible meme, but so is my handwriting